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Living Australian - Tips for Uploading Images

Competition Rules

The terms and conditions of entry to the Living Australian Online Photography Competition is the place that you really need to start when considering if and how to enter.

There are three main reasons for this:

  • How will the images be used?
  • Copyright and license information
  • Submitting entries correctly, the format and description

The Australia Day Council of New South Wales (ADCNSW) strongly recommends participants under 18 years of age review the Competition Rules with a parent or guardian before agreeing and entering.

Finalists will be selected based on the following criteria

  • Stick to the theme of the Competition - an obvious but important one. You will be judged on how well your image and description relates to the theme and shows Australians making a mark everyday
  • Creative interpretation of Living Australian - above all, the judges are looking for quality, creative photographs that best reflect how you are Living Australian and demonstrate the theme, ‘Make Your Mark Australia’.

Show how you are making your mark through the four categories :

  1. Local

    Australia is built on the foundation of our local communities. Whether it’s your local butcher, pub, neighbours or SES volunteers, the people and places that make up our diverse neighbourhoods probably make the biggest contribution to our overall identity.

  2. Global

    We’re part of an increasingly globalised world, and that globalisation is reflected within Australia and its people. The array of cultures that make up Australian society is astounding, and for a small country our contributions internationally are significant. How would you capture the effect that Australians have had on the world, and vice versa? From vegemite on toast in New York to Chinese New Year in Sydney, the opportunities are endless.

  3. Lifestyle

    Sustralians love to boast about our ‘way of life’, but what does that actually refer to? Is it the way we behave, how we play, what we eat? Food plays a huge part in forming national identity, and Australia is no different - from backyard barbecues to meat pies at the footy, damper on a camping trip and a cold Christmas lunch at the beach.

  4. Humour

    Our larrikin spirit and good natured humour sets us apart from a lot of nations. ‘Taking the Mickey’ is a rite of passage for most Australians. We love to think of ourselves as laid back and carefree, but how would you capture this in an image?

The key is to submit photographs that are a passionate and an inspirational reflection of being Australian. Look at the many aspects that have contributed to making Australia great, what has made a mark on your life and how you live as an Australian.

  • Up to 10 images are permitted per person
  • One theme category can be selected per image
  • One division can be selected per image
  • The Junior division is only for people aged under 18 years
  • People aged under 18 years may also enter the Open division
  • The same image cannot be submitted more than once

Image specifications

Correct size and resolution – In order to be in the running to win the competition component, each photograph must be a high quality JPEG file measuring at least 3,000 pixels on the longest side or a minimum size of A4 at 300dpi.

We recommend using a camera with a minimum of 6 Megapixels. Files should range from minimum file size 500Kb to a maximum 10MB to facilitate easy uploading.

  • Good quality – i.e. an image must be clear and not blurry.
  • The images in the Open division will also be judged on how they will appear on a stamp. The image needs to be suitable for reproduction at stamp size. In order for an image to work when significantly reduced in size, it cannot be too dark or cropped too tightly. Also the image needs to be clear, not too detailed and easily understood at a glance when reduced to stamp size (37.5mm x 26mm).

For an insight into some images used by Australia Post, please visit or check out the finalists and winners from last year’s competition.

Please note that the following are not accepted for entry in the Competition:

  • hardcopy, printed or scanned photographs
  • negatives
  • slides
  • images entered into other photography competitions. Please see competition rules for details.

Steps for Uploading

Some simple steps to follow if you are planning to enter:

  1. Access the AUSSIEVAULT® website either directly or via the link at;
  2. Login to the AUSSIEVAULT® website if already a registered user of the website, or register as a user of the website
  3. Select the Living Australia Online Photography Competition;
  4. Read and accept the Competition Rules by clicking on the "Yes, I agree" button;
  5. Select which division the film is being submitted to (Open or Junior)
  6. For those entering the Junior division or any other people under the age of 18, review the Competition Rules with a parent or guardian and agree to the term “Yes, my parent/guardian consents to my entry”
  7. Complete an Entry Form by including all mandatory information and follow the directions to upload images that comply with the Competition Rules and meet the Competition criteria on this page;
  8. Submit the completed Entry Form and complying photograph (maximum 10 different images per person). Carefully check your entry before submitting;
  9. You will be notified by email to your email address specified in your Entry Form that your entry has been received and approved within 48 hours of submission of your entry. However, if your image does not meet the criteria or complies with the Competition Rules the ADCNSW may not accept your entry.

We look forward to viewing some inspiring images and captions. Good luck!