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Little Aussie Songsters FAQs

Q: What Are The Competition Rules For Entering Little Aussie Songsters Competition?

A: Please see Competition Rules. This is the place where you really need to start when considering if and how to enter.
There are three main reasons for this:
• To understand how the videos will be used
• Copyright and license information
• Submitting entries correctly, the format and description

Q: Who Is Running Little Aussie Songsters Competition?

A: The Australia Day Council of NSW (ADCNSW).

Q: Why Is Little Aussie Songsters Competition Being Run?

A: The Competition has been developed to learn more about our Australian Identity & Culture. It is a great initiative for people to get involved in and contribute to our larger sense of national identity by singing the first verse of the national anthem ‘Advance Australia Fair’. 

Q: Who may take part in the Little Aussie Songsters Competition?

A: The Competition is open to primary school children attending Year K to Year 6 (or equivalent) in the 2014 school year, who are Australian citizens living in Australia or who are foreign citizens living in Australia on long-term visas/permanent residents. 

Q: What are the Divisions and Prizes?

A:There is one group division and three individual divisions with an overall individual winner for entries:
Group entries:
• Overall Group winner – The Aussie superstar treatment – The Voice 2014 winner, Anja Nissen, will visit the class and sing with the winning group.
Individual entries:
• Overall individual winner: a 9 Night Explore the Loyalty Islands P&O Cruise, departing on Tuesday 25 August 2015 from Sydney for 2 adults and 2 children. This prize is valued at $3,996 as per full brochure fare issued in September 2014.
• Individual divisional winner: Kindergarten-Year 2: 16GB IPad Mini RRP $349.00 with a Lego Creative Suitcase RRP $59.95
• Individual divisional winner: Year 3-Year 4: 16GB IPad Mini RRP $349.00 with a Lego Creative Suitcase RRP $59.95
• Individual divisional winner: Year 5-Year 6: 16GB IPad Mini RRP $349.00 with a Lego Creative Suitcase RRP $59.95

Q: How Can I Enter Little Aussie Songsters Competition?

A:You can submit your entry via
A) Once you have been filmed singing the first verse of the national anthem and your video is ready to be submitted, access the AussieVault website
B) Select the Little Aussie Songsters Competition located ‘In the Vault’;
C) Click ‘’Enter Now’
C) Have your parent/guardian/teacher read and accept the Competition Rules;
F) Complete an Entry Form by including all mandatory information, including selecting the division and follow the directions to upload the video that comply with the Competition rules.

You will be notified by email that your entry has been received within 48 hours of submission of your entry. However, ADCNSW reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, not to upload an entry to this website, or within this period, for any reason, and to remove an entry at any time for any reason. The entrant may not be notified of this via email. Participants may only submit new and original videos in their entry to this Competition. Submissions must comply with the Competition Rules. The ADCNSW reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to reject any submission that does not meet these requirements.

Q: Can I Upload A Video Directly From My Phone To The Little Aussie Songsters Website?

A: You can upload your Video directly from your phone to the competition website using either available WiFi or your Phone’s 3G/4G internet connection. Please note if you upload the Video from your phone’s 3G/4G connection it will use your data plan and additional charges might apply depending on your plan.

Q: What Format Can I Submit My Video In?

A: Videos must be in one of the following formats:
• .MOV
• .MPEG4
• MP4
• .AVI
• .WMV
• .FLV
• 3GPP
• WebM

Q: How Will The Finalists Be Selected?

A: The ADCNSW will review all entries and select up to 5 finalists from each division. If you have made it as a Finalist you will be notified by 23 February 2015.
Entries will be individually judged based on each child’s ability to sing the national anthem in ways which:
• are patriotic;
• are fun;
• show enthusiasm;
• demonstrate singing and timing ability.
The Finalists will be highlighted on the competition website in the Finalist section.

Q: Who Will Select The Winners?

A: The ADCNSW has formed a judging panel to select one winner in each division.

Q: When Will The Winners Of Little Aussie Songsters Competition Be Announced?

A: The winning videos from each division will be announced on 6 March 2015 on the AussieVault website. The winners must be willing to participate (where available) in any media requests or opportunities that result from being named a winner in Little Aussie Songsters Competition.

Q: Will Late Entries Be Accepted?

A: In order to be eligible for the prize the ADCNSW will not be accepting any entries after midnight on 14 February 2015. Please refer to the Competition Rules.

Q: Can I Edit My Video Details After Submitting My Entry?

A: No. Once you have submitted your entry you will no longer be able to edit any of your Video’s details. Please fill in the detail section carefully and review before submitting. You will be able to change your contact details as part of your aussievault website registration.

Q: How Many Times Can I Enter?

A: Only one video per person can be submitted in each division (a total of two videos across both the group and individual divisions). Please refer to Competition Rules.

Q: When Uploading A Video, Is The Description Section Mandatory?

A: No. Submitting a description is completely optional.

Q: What Happens To The Videos Once They Have Been Entered? Does The ADCNSW Own The Rights To The Videos?

A: No, but once you accept the Competition Rules, ADCNSW will have the license to use your video for the promotion of all Australia Day related activities and programs. Videos will also be used to promote Australia Day through the Australia Day Council of NSW’s websites, e-newsletters, media outlets, official Australia Day event screens, social media networks and other forms of marketing collateral produced to encourage the celebration of Australia Day throughout the nation.

Q: How Long After I Submit My Video Will It Be Made Available On the AussieVault Website?

A: All approved videos will be made available on within 48 hours of submission.

Q: Is My Privacy Protected?

A: Yes. Your personal details will not be released to any third parties outside ADCNSW and Australia Day sponsors involved in the competition. Email and contact details will not be viewable on the website to the public. The ADCNSW may contact you in regards to media requests and other opportunities. Your name and state will be displayed with the video you upload.

Q: What Ways Can The Public Participate In This Competition?

A: Australian primary school children can enter the competition by submitting a video as well as being able to view and comment on the videos that have been submitted.

Q: Does It Cost Anything To Enter?

A: No, it doesn’t cost anything to enter Little Aussie Songsters Competition.
Please note if you upload the Video from your phone’s 3G/4G connection it will use your data plan and additional charges might apply depending on your plan.