About Thank you Australia

Australia is good to us. It is a unique and special home - in culture, climate, landscape and opportunity. For Australia Day 2013, thousands of people across the country and around the globe gave a little back by coming together and saying thanks.

An initiative of the Australia Day Council of NSW, Thank you Australia was an opportunity to express our gratitude for the good fortune of living in Australia. The project invited people to think about and share what makes them grateful to call this country home.

Adding a Message was easy, by following these simple steps:

  1. Create your own unique Message of thanks which begins with 'Thank you Australia...'
  2. Upload a photo capturing your face close up, staring into the camera. If you don't have a photo of yourself, we have plenty of great Aussie images that you can use. You can also use your Facebook profile picture.
  3. Customise your Message by selecting your font style and background colour
  4. Sign off your message and submit it to AUSSIEVAULT.

Thank you Australia Messages from everyday and well-known Aussies now form a national online gallery - take a look by clicking the button below.