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Living Australian 2009/2010

Now locked in the vault, is the inaugural Living Australian Online Photography Competition in 2009/2010. It was a competition that encouraged Aussies to use photography to explore how they were ‘Living Australian’. The entries were phenomenal!

  1. Aussie pride by Dwayne McDonald, WA

  2. Aussie pride by Dwayne McDonald, WA

  3. Movin Out by Jeff Harmon, NSW

  4. black by cheyenne evans, QLD

  5. Its Mine by Emma-Lee Knight, NSW

  6. free like a bird by Emma-Lee Knight, NSW

  7. Circle of friends by Tiffany Dowling, NSW

  8. Australia & Me by BRANDON PARK, NSW

  9. Australias Wonder by Jinro maki, NSW

  10. My Bondi Beach by Cristina Mutneanu, NSW

  11. NSW rural fire service by Emma-Lee Knight, NSW

  12. beauty on Aspen Island by Jinro maki, NSW

  13. Australia day by robert xu, NSW

  14. good live entertainment by heather rose, NSW

  15. Creation of a beautiful d... by Melanie Critchley, NSW

  16. Macropod Chillius by Mark Will, NSW

  17. Celestial verses by Brian Jones, ACT

  18. Sunset by Vivien Man, NSW

  19. Sunrise in Newcastle by Sam Wong, NSW

  20. Beautiful, serene, heaven... by Liberty Nouridis, SA

  21. Small Wonders by Jill Graham, NSW

  22. Resiliance 09 by Elizabeth Blackmore, VIC

  23. Root Sculpture by Elizabeth Blackmore, VIC

  24. Seeing double by Elsbeth Roth, QLD

  25. bondi sunrise 1 by michelle kitzler, NSW

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