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Living Australian 2011/2012

Living Australian was a national photography competition encouraging Aussies from all walks of life to explore the theme ‘Make Your Mark Australia’, and how Australians contribute locally, nationally and globally.

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  1. Watson's Bay at Dusk by Sue McArthur, NSW

  2. Aussie Jewel by Sarah Porreca, WA

  3. I Love a Sunburnt Country by Sarah Porreca, WA

  4. Simplistic Beauty by Sarah Porreca, WA

  5. Backyard Cricket by Sarah Kennedy, NSW

  6. Dry Surfing by Sarah Kennedy, NSW

  7. Fireman Sam and the NSW R... by Sarah Kennedy, NSW

  8. It's a Jungle Out There by Sarah Spencer, VIC

  9. Homeward Bound by Sarah Spencer, VIC

  10. Life, Love and Colour by Sarah Watson, VIC

  11. Friends on the Oval by Sarah Watson, VIC

  12. Hello Possum by Sarah Porreca, WA

  13. Tinnies at North Bondi by jude watson, NSW

  14. After the shearing by Sarah Strachan, NSW

  15. Wheat by Sarah Strachan, NSW

  16. Pristine beaches by Sarah Strachan, NSW

  17. Back of Bourke by Sarah Strachan, NSW

  18. Sunset at Watson's Bay by Celeste Brignac, QLD

  19. Dunny in the Bush! by Sarah Porreca, WA

  20. Perfect Winter Morning by Sarah Porreca, WA

  21. Busy Bees on Wattle by Sarah Porreca, WA

  22. Kata Tjuta by Sarah Porreca, WA

  23. Water Play Fun in the Sun by Sarah Porreca, WA

  24. Kangaroo & Joey by Sarah Porreca, WA

  25. Magic Moment by Sarah Wood, NSW

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