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  2. Aussie Art 2013/2014
  3. Thank you Australia 2014
  4. Thank you Australia 2013
  5. Living Australian 2011/2012
  6. Reel Australia 2011/2012
  7. Reel Australia 2010/2011
  8. Living Australian 2010/2011
  9. Living Australian 2009/2010
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Aussie Art Competition

The Aussie Art competition encourages Australian school children to get creative and submit an artwork and brief description of why ‘Australia is the best place in the world?’

  1. Friendship, Peace, Harmon... by Angel Du, NSW

  2. Australian Symbols by Jennie Lee, NSW

  3. I love Australia by Yejee Yi, NSW

  4. Australian Bush by Yumi can der Woude, NSW

  5. Our Australian Nation by Chloe Kang, NSW

  6. Australia Day is the day by Sunae Hwang, NSW

  7. Very clean blue sky by Alecia Kim, NSW

  8. Many people, cultures and... by Kai Pearson, NSW

  9. Man made creations by Anne Huynh, NSW

  10. Catching fish by Drew Hope, NSW

  11. Part of Australia by Ebony Bettens, NSW

  12. Australian Monuments by Campbell Kirby, NSW

  13. Wonderful wild life by Zahlee Owers, NSW

  14. Harbour bridge by Jasmine Li Economou, NSW

  15. Sydney Harbour by Eleanor Chim, NSW

  16. Kangaroos and Ayers Rock by Joyce Jhang, NSW

  17. I love her jewel sea by Aditi Sharma, NSW

  18. I love my country by Ambrose Hennessy, NSW

  19. Diverse Cultures by Angela Chacko, NSW

  20. Room for everyone by Gwennie Pechey, NT

  21. A land of opportunity by Lilly Watts, WA

  22. My mum and dad by Timothy Davies, NSW

  23. Different Cultures by Ebony Woodcock, NSW

  24. Beautiful Butterfly by Rachel Joo, NSW

  25. Australia is beautiful by Christopher Joo, NSW

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