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  2. Aussie Art 2013/2014
  3. Thank you Australia 2014
  4. Thank you Australia 2013
  5. Living Australian 2011/2012
  6. Reel Australia 2011/2012
  7. Reel Australia 2010/2011
  8. Living Australian 2010/2011
  9. Living Australian 2009/2010
  10. Advance Australia Dare
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Aussie Art Competition

The Aussie Art competition encourages Australian school children to get creative and submit an artwork and brief description of why ‘Australia is the best place in the world?’

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  1. Australian Bush by Yumi can der Woude, NSW

  2. Wonderful wild life by Zahlee Owers, NSW

  3. Animals under an Australi... by Zoe Bellingham, ACT

  4. We have schools where we ... by Rachel Heriot, NSW

  5. EXPLORE DOWN UNDER by Saaini Balakrishnan, NSW

  6. Uluru and all our wierd a... by Samarra Boylan, NSW

  7. Wonderful Australia by Eric Han, NSW

  8. Wonderful Australia by Vihanga Somathilaka, NSW

  9. The Land Down Under by Luke Boyes, NSW

  10. Wow! How wonderful Austra... by Ashley Shin, NSW

  11. Wow! How wonderful Austra... by Ashton Shin, NSW

  12. A beautiful and wonderful... by Jessalin Zhao, NSW

  13. AUSTRALIA IS WANDERFULL by temana smith, NSW

  14. Wonderful wildlife by Juliette Mkali, NSW

  15. Wonderful Australia by Brooke Mearkes, NSW

  16. Canoeing by Ella Brown, NSW

  17. Camping Down Under by Lee Andrew Espino, NSW

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