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Little Aussie Songster

Want a fun and meaningful way to connect with your country in the lead up to Australia Day? Well then warm up those vocal cords, practise your best singing and belt out your rendition of the national anthem.

  1. Brie sings the national a... by Linda Williamson, NSW

  2. Daksha belts out the anth... Daksha J

  3. My Australia by Lara Graham, NSW

  4. 4 we are young & free by Anne Leonard, NSW

  5. Josharoo sings the Austra... by Josh McKenna, NSW

  6. "Australia A Home For All... by Karylyn Foster, NSW

  7. Alisha Singh -Young and F... by Alisha Singh, NSW

  8. Aussie Ashy by Karen Beggs, NSW

  9. Natures Gifts by Sara Baker, NSW

  10. Lidstars Aussie Anthem by Lydia Hey, NSW

  11. Tully's Outback Australia by Carmel ritter, NSW

  12. Jacinta says G'day Austra... by Caroline Ashworth, NSW

  13. Room With A View by Sarah Cook, NSW

  14. Home under the Gum Trees by Ava Casserley, NSW

  15. 6 and out! by Lawrence Wong, NSW

  16. Ruby's Aussie Song by Eiko Bron, NSW

  17. You Little Ripper Nipper by Rebecca Cossor, NSW

  18. Awesome Aussie Amy by Amy Oaten, NSW

  19. Lizzie Singing the Nation... by David Roberts, NSW

  20. Little Aussie Anthem by Emelia Herr, NSW

  21. passionate random anthem ... by Katherine Pollock, NSW

  22. Emily and the Aussie Bull... by Emily Stephens, NSW

  23. Songeroos by Michael Pillemer, NSW

  24. For we are young and free by Sean Woodward, NSW

  25. Strummer girl by Daniela Marenbach, NSW

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