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Little Aussie Songster

Want a fun and meaningful way to connect with your country in the lead up to Australia Day? Well then warm up those vocal cords, practise your best singing and belt out your rendition of the national anthem.

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  1. Daksha belts out the anth... Daksha J

  2. Aussie Ashy by Karen Beggs, NSW

  3. Lidstars Aussie Anthem by Lydia Hey, NSW

  4. Ruby's Aussie Song by Eiko Bron, NSW

  5. Awesome Aussie Amy by Amy Oaten, NSW

  6. Little Aussie Anthem by Emelia Herr, NSW

  7. Emily and the Aussie Bull... by Emily Stephens, NSW

  8. I'm AUSSIE and I know IT! by Savitri Saleh, NSW

  9. Little Aussie trooper by Nash Baverstock-Ward, NSW

  10. Angus Rocks The Aussie Wa... by Peter Ross, NSW

  11. little Aussie Julie with ... by Julie ZHANG, NSW

  12. Little Aussie in the Bush by Roxanne Bancroft-Stuart, NSW

  13. Alex's Rendition of the A... by Alexandra Varvarigos, NSW

  14. The Little Aussie Singer! by Liz Stokes, NSW

  15. An AUSSIE Summer Evening by Jacinta Ashworth, NSW

  16. Kate rural Aussie anthem by Scott Turnbull, NSW

  17. Elle sings up an Aussie a... by Liz Stokes, NSW

  18. Aussie Swaggirl By Jessica Rayner

  19. Our Aussie Blu by Jill Patterson, NSW

  20. Aussie Aussie Aussie, FUN... by Adam Boyes, NSW

  21. C'mon Aussies by Benjamin Ward, NSW

  22. The little Aussie smile w... by Kelli Thiessen, NSW

  23. Awesome Aysha sings Aussi... by Nicolle Mallaby, NSW

  24. 3 Little Aussie Rockers by Marie Koinusis, NSW

  25. Grateful to be an Aussie by Woh Choo, NSW

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