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Reel Australia 2010/2011 Winners

Reel Australia Short Film

  • Something Australia

    The Winner

    Produced by Michael Allen
    Featuring Aquinas Crowe

    Commenting on his winning entry, Allen said:

    “I wanted to make a film that made two offerings. First, an intimate window into one man’s individual world within Australia; and secondly, a wider statement that the real Australia is not one finite thing, but rather that it is a melting pot of diverse narratives, histories, cultures, ideas and beliefs . This innate diversity is what injects Australia with its profound richness.”

    The Judges

    Gyton Grantley's comments;

    Allen and Crowe bring forward the idea that the ‘real Australia’ is a product of its people. Spread across many cultures and creeds we have a vast array of people who each in their own way live their lives as Australians. Something else that Crowe brought to my attention is that there is an inherent positivity in the people of this country. From Aquinas's opening laugh you feel love and joy for him and I personally am inspired by that positive approach to life.

    Deborah Mailman's feedback;

    Something Australia is a really beautiful film - and a wonderful host to show us what his real Australia is. Aquinas tells it like it is and I love that his personal message embraces a whole country. For me it is perfectly said “for all people to come together, learn their culture, to learn how to look after our country and look after all the people who come from overseas...”

    Ray Lawrence stated;

    “Something Australia is something special. The opening is strong. A young Aboriginal man is in a wheelchair and laughs, perhaps, at the impossibility of finding just one answer to the question. We are than taken upon an emotional journey on what is most important in his Australia; family, culture and country. Not bad things to aspire to! This journey ends with a generosity of spirit in wanting to share this with others that come to Australia.”

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People's Choice Selections

Reel Australia Peoples Choice Award