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The Palace

Submitted 4:19PM, 02 December 2010

© Human Productions | Australia Day Council of NSW. Images are the property of the respective artist(s). All rights reserved.
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' What is the Reel Australia?' check out our inspiring short films and vote for the real Australia!

Australia is the beaches, the bush and the big blue sky - but mostly it’s the people. As filmmakers, writers and actors our passion is defining character. Some people say a character starts with the walk (or a hat), we think a character starts with the voice. The ‘reel’ Australia is many and varied but the way we speak can be instantly recognisable. It’s often funny and sometimes incomprehensible to others. The Australian character can be found in our rhythms and our unique expressions. It’s in what we say – and what we don’t.

Comments on Human's Entry (6)

  1. 1

    Kahn Chen

    Haaa!! very funny guys. Well done. xx
    04:39 PM
    03 December 2010
  2. 2

    Michelle Cotterill

    he he.. you is funny
    10:10 PM
    03 December 2010
  3. 3

    Ben Clayton

    Nice work! Great to see some Ozzie talent.
    07:11 AM
    04 December 2010
  4. 4

    Daniel Prypchan

    Good Work guys!!! Loved it!
    11:21 AM
    04 December 2010
  5. 5

    Damian Sommerlad

    Highly larious! Good work peeps!
    12:20 PM
    04 December 2010
  6. 6

    Barbara Meza

    HaHaHa! Enjoyed this!
    05:05 PM
    06 December 2010