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My Reel Australia Day – “My Mate Jack”

Submitted 12:15AM, 04 December 2010

© Ruki & T.C.COOMBES. (TCP) | Australia Day Council of NSW. Images are the property of the respective artist(s). All rights reserved.
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Australia Day – we all love it! Families with relo’s, friends amongst friends, beaches and suncream, barby’s and beers, with your mates and their sheilas. But not for old Jack! Jack, a war veteran living alone in Sydney suburbia, suddenly finds himself tormented by a series of flashback images – images still caught in the subconsciousness of his mind, images that impose fear, regret and guilt that seem deemed to rob him of any celebration he was contemplating, with a hot cup of tea, a cigarette, and maybe a piece of cake to follow.
Six year old Abby, who lives with her family a few doors from Jack’s place, is quite fond of Jack, although knows he can be grumpy at times. She has made some cupcakes to give one to Jack for Australia Day. Little does Abby know that she is about to make old Jack’s day something really special! Have a happy, safe and generous Australia Day, Australia!
Jack: Geoff Toms
Abby: Chloe Coombes
Producer/Music: TC Coombes
Director/Film/Editor: Ruki Watene