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John Dunn my Everyday Hero

Division Junior
Submitted 10:43AM, 19 December 2011

© Zoe Sarine | Australia Day Council of NSW. Images are the property of the respective artist(s). All rights reserved.
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'What makes a mark on your Australia?'

John Dunn is my Everyday Australian Hero, he is 12 years old.

John has made his mark as a young Australian by raising thousands of dollars; the money John raises goes to a charity which he set up himself to help the homeless people at the Exodus Foundation in Ashfield Sydney. John Dunn’s Charity is

I first met John Dunn through my Mum; he goes to the same school as my brother. He first started fundraising in 2008, he has raised $13,882 up until now.

Mum told me how he worked helping others, John recently travelled to Rwanda with his Mother to volunteer in the local schools, John told me how different life was in Rwanda.

John has lots of ways to raise money for charity, walkathons, swimathons and busking, he asks for money for his birthday instead of keeping it for himself he gives it to charity!

Comments on Zoe's Entry (22)

  1. 1

    Kirsten Castorina

    What a powerful example for young Australians John Dunn is inspirational in his commitment to make the world a better place! Well done Zoe for telling this story
    10:02 PM
    21 December 2011
  2. 2

    Nikki Austin

    What a wonderful film Zoe. And a wonderful story you have bought to our attention. Between John Dunn's continual contributions and your pledge to give some prize money back to John's charity, if you win, I am proud to say that you really are two young Australians making a great mark on our Australia. Well done to both of you. You have my vote!!
    09:36 PM
    09 January 2012
  3. 3

    Maddie A

    Thank you Zoe, for showing us the power of Australia’s youth! John Dunn is a young inspiration to us all, and your documentary will help spread his message. You have my vote too!
    05:33 PM
    10 January 2012
  4. 4

    Chris Browne

    Well done Zoe! In an age when the media seem to be keen to make celebrities out of people who just look good on camera but waste their money on self indulgence, you have picked a real hero. You have my vote!
    07:42 PM
    10 January 2012
  5. 5

    Briana Robertson

    Great job Zoe! John is not only an inspiration for young people, but for all of us, thank you for sharing his story!!
    01:10 AM
    13 January 2012
  6. 6

    Sher Steuben

    That is wonderful Zoe - I love the story, great inspiration to not only the young but everyone. You rock Zoe!!
    01:46 AM
    13 January 2012
  7. 7

    Megan Dunn

    So proud of you guys!!! We can all do something to make a difference.
    11:05 AM
    14 January 2012
  8. 8

    Brett Cranston

    What a champion! Zoe and Johnno you are both an inspiration to all Australians. Surely your kindness and selflessness with not go unnoticed, I wish you all the best for your very bright futures!
    05:02 PM
    14 January 2012
  9. 9

    Brett Cranston

    That's 'will not go unnoticed' sorry
    05:04 PM
    14 January 2012
  10. 10

    Joanne Cranston

    Great work! Great example of what can be achieved to help others. Keep up the good work!
    08:28 PM
    14 January 2012
  11. 11

    Jenny Cranston

    Well done, John and Zoe. We are very proud of you John. Your movie is a great inspiration.
    07:37 AM
    15 January 2012
  12. 12

    Rebecca Cranston

    Amazing video Zoe & great work John could not be prouder!!
    09:38 AM
    15 January 2012
  13. 13

    Michelle Bennett

    Well done Zoe. What a wonderful Australian story! We are s proud of you.
    12:22 PM
    15 January 2012
  14. 14

    Marion Chapman

    Loved watching this! John and Zoe, you are inspiring!!
    12:35 PM
    15 January 2012
  15. 15

    Barbara Winterbourne

    Well done!!
    01:51 PM
    15 January 2012
  16. 16

    ben cranston

    well done guys looks like your doing a great job!
    11:15 PM
    15 January 2012
  17. 17

    Katrina Capelin

    The film was modest, well presented and articulate. Congratulations to John and Zoe - two wonderful young Australians!
    12:13 PM
    16 January 2012
  18. 18

    kanaan kanaan

    You have my vote. Great work Zoe and john, i congratulate you on a wonderful performance for a great cause.
    10:15 PM
    16 January 2012
  19. 19

    michael Bad Hand

    Great job on important topic, preserving Australian history ! Two Thumbs Up !
    05:18 AM
    17 January 2012
  20. 20

    Candice D

    Just brilliant! It's great to see hard working people in the spotlight. Great presenting skills Zoe, you should be very proud.
    08:09 PM
    17 January 2012
  21. 21

    Melissa Peel

    Good Luck John & Zoe......well done.
    11:36 PM
    18 January 2012
  22. 22

    Monica Roseworn

    Well done to both Zoe and John - Thank you to John for his continuous dedication to fundraisinging and Zoe you are an up and coming star
    05:24 PM
    23 January 2012

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